Saskia's Holiday Plans

Lubba : Hey, Saskia. We'll have our holiday soon right? So, what will you do?
Saskia : Mmm, I think I'm going to visit my grandmother, my aunt, and cousins at Jakarta
Lubba : Oh so you're from Jakarta?
Saskia : No actually, my grandmother is there for her surgery. But my aunt do live there.
Lubba : Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that. I wish the surgery success and she'll recovery soon.
Saskia : Thank you for that. I really appreciate that.
Lubba : So, what will do there? Are you planning to go shopping? Food trip? I heard that there are so many places you can go there.
Saskia : You're right. Jakarta is full of nice destinations, But I think I prefer food trip. Ever heard about Fish Streat?
Lubba : Never heard of that. What is that? I thought it was Fish Street Threat. So the fish will attack you or something there. Hahaha, silly me. But really, what is that?
Saskia : Hahahahaha what a funny imagination you got there. So, it's a fish restaurant. Do you know f…


Hey hey it's me again. Now, I will share you my .. Well .. 50% Bad and 50% Great experience.
Why? You will know ;) Yea, you can tell from the title that this experience happened in Malaysia (well, actually it happened on my trip from Thailand to Malaysia) The date? I don't really remember. But I'm sure it happened on 2016.
So, that time, me and my club friends, was invited to a seminar in one of islamic boarding school in Hatyai, Thailand. That was also my chance to practice my presentation skills for attending Asian Pasific Conference of Young Scientist that i'll be joined that year.
The trip plan was visiting Thailand, Malaysia, and the last is Singapore. Which mean, I brought Bath, Ringgit, and Singapore dollar. After the trip in Thailand was finally done, we're going to Malaysia by Bus. I carried 2 bags. There are clothes and food in one of the bags and there are hand phone, passport, and wallet on the other bags. The bag is small so I could easily forgot that I br…

Conversation With A New Friend

Saskia : Hey! I see your phone wallpaper is Kageyama. Do you watch Haikyuu! too?
Lubba : Yes! I love Haikyuu!
Saskia : Which means, we can be a good friends! By the way, I'm Saskia Clarannisa. What's your
Lubba : I am Lubba Ailati. I'm from Al - Ma'soem Junior High. How about you?
Saskia : I'm from 7 Junior High School. Back to the topic, who's your favorite character in
Haikyuu! ?
Lubba : I love everyone, I can't choose!
Saskia : I know right? They are all so precious.
Lubba : So, you can't choose too?
Saskia : Well, duh.
Lubba : Other than that, what do you like to do?
Saskia : I really love writing and reading. Oh! Singing and listening to music too. And you?
Lubba : I love listening to music, singing, reading, and fangirling hahahaha.
Saskia : Well, the last one is relatable. I also like playing games. Do you like games?
Lubba : I do playing games, but .. Not a fan.
Saskia : Doesn't matter. Games are for fun, right? So as long…


H E Y,  H E Y,  H E Y,  !!!
Hello! It's me Lubba Ailati. Just call me Lubba. I was born in Bandung on 12 of April 2002. Yes, I'm 15 years old. Energetic, fun, curious and even sometimes emo teenager.
I have 2 older sisters and an older brother. The age gap between me and my siblings are quite big. My oldest sister is about to reach her 30 age. And then my brother is 26 years old and my other sister is 22 years old. I know that people sometimes get the wrong idea about being the last child. They think it's nice because your parents will love you the most, you'll get anything you wants and many other things. I know that things might be true.. But even you are the one who loved the most, you will be the one who being teased the most. Your brother or sister might be order you a lot. Yeah, but besides that, being the last child and having a lot of siblings, you will also received so much love. Being the last child also got me so much advantages. Like I got so many hand-me-down d…